Areas Of Practice

Our primary Areas of Practice are:



Includes municipal ageements, land divisions, condominium registration and documentation.

Commercial Real Estate: 

Includes financing, sales, acquisitions, Mortgage remedies, syndications, joint ventures, cotenancies.


Includes preparing, reviewing and negotiating commercial leases for landlord or tenant.    

Residential Real Estate: 

Includes preparing agreement of purchase and sale, or representing you on agreement prepared by Realtor, Mortgages, new and refinanced, private or institutional, agreement with builders.


Includes incorporating business or non profit companies, provincial or federal, Canadian or US, reorganizing existing companies, shareholder agreements and resolutions for dividends or other purposes .

We will work with your accountant to prepare tax related structures such as estate freezes or S.8S Rollovers.


Includes purchase and sale of business, secured and unsecured financing, partnership and joint venture agreements, trademarks .


We specialize in applications for Charity Registration and Public and private foundations.

Wills and Estates:

Includes standard or complex wills, consultation regarding probate fees, estate administration, application for estate trustee with or without a will.


We can prepare or structure trust agreements for tax planning or other requirements.


Call us if you need a notary or ILA (Independent legal advice)

Although we specialize in the above described fields, we can provide general consultation and referrals in fields such as commercial litigation, tax planning and personal injury.  

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